Searching For Ganja In Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

🇦🇿 The truth is I did not know anything about Azerbaijan before I arrived except that it was rich with oil money and had an incredibly modern capital city called Baku. But I wanted to see beyond that and get to know the country beyond the glitz a little bit better. And so I hired a car, bought a map and set off in search of Ganja. Join me!

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  • Birgit
    On December 15, 2019 7:53 am 0Likes

    there are some bad stories about mr bald’s alleged encouters with young women.i hope they are not true. nevertheless, bald comes across as a “man of the people” i admire his ability to portray the ordinary people he meets with respect, empathy, humour and dignity. He has a remarkable ability to transcend our artificial differences in an engaging way that tugs at my heartstrings. His vlogs are a great way for armchair travellers like me to see the world from an unvarnished perspective and no hidden agenda to push. Thank you, Mr. bald, whoever you are. .

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