A Short Miserable Film About Buying A Bolivian Hat ( Not Clickbait! )

🇧🇴 Not every endeavour can be a work of art. David Bowie wrote the song Heroes but also The Laughing Gnome…Take this upload for example. Literally nothing interesting happens in it, just me being miserable in the rain and I’m even somewhat ashamed to upload it, but it’s 3am in Bolivia and I can’t sleep due to the jet lag. Even the shitty Adam Sandler movie I just watched on Netflix has not helped me fall sleep. So I thought why not stick something up and read some comments. Maybe someone will love it and think it’s the greatest video ever made on youtube or maybe you have jet lag too and want to kill 10 minutes of your time instead of just lying there staring at the ceiling all night wondering if you will ever nod off and what the meaning of life is. Or maybe you are on the toilet having your morning pooh before going to work and would like to see a bald man randomly buy a bowler hat in South America to pass the time. I don’t which one of those is you know but there you go. Have a great day/night/pooh everyone. Oh and in case you want to know, the f*king hat cost me $65!!! Unbelievable.

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